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This site will comply with laws and other norms concerning personal information, and will do everything possible to protect the important personal information of visitors. In addition, the indication here may be added and corrected without notice.

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  • 本サイト内のブログへの投稿時
  • 本サイトへのメール受信時
  • YouTube や Twitter 等で入手した場合

1.About collecting personal information

 Personal information may be collected on this site at the following times.

When posting to a blog on this site
When receiving e-mail to this site
When obtained on YouTube, Twitter, etc.





  • 連絡する必要が生じた場合の対応のため
  • ご質問、ご意見等に対する回答のため(回答ができない場合もあります)

2.Purpose of use of personal information.

 This site uses personal information for the following purposes when it collects personal information of visitors.

For correspondence when it becomes necessary to contact

For answers to questions, opinions, etc. (may not be answered)





  • ご本人の同意がある場合
  • 警察からの要請など、官公署からの要請の場合
  • 法律の適用を受ける場合

3.Provision of personal information to third parties

 This site does not disclose or provide personal information to third parties. However, the following cases are excluded.

When there is consent of the person

In the case of a request from a public office, such as a request from the police

When subject to law




  • 何らかの理由で本サイトが終了するとき、原則として提供していただいた個人情報はすべて削除します。
  • ただし、個人的に連絡を取らせていただく必要があると判断される場合は、削除を延期する場合があります。

4.Processing of personal information at the end of this site

When this site is terminated for any reason, all personal information provided in principle will be deleted.

However, we may postpone the deletion if we determine that we need to contact you personally.


 e -mail :

 責任者 : 2πr(にーぱいあーる)

5.Inquiries about personal information protection

 E-mail :

 Responsible person : 2 π r

It is pronounced as “Nipaiaru” in Japanese.(Not accurate pronunciation)